Are You Backing Up Your Wordpress Website?

Last year and a half educated us that WordPress security should not be dismissed by any means. Between 15% and 20% of the world's high traffic sites are powered by WordPress. The fact that it is an Open Source platform and everybody has access to its Source Code makes it a prey for hackers.

clean hacked wordpress site will also tell you that there's no htaccess from the directory. You may put a.htaccess file within this directory if you wish, and you can use it to control access to the wp-admin directory or address range. Details of how to do that are available on the net.

This is fantastic news because it means that there's a community of users and developers that can enhance the platform. However there is a group there'll always be people who will try to take down them.

Recently, an unknown hacker hacked the blog of Reuters and published a news article that was fake. Since Reuters is a news website, their reputation this article is destroyed due to what the hacker did. In the event you do not pay attention on the security of your WordPress 20, Something similar may happen to you.

Now it's time to sign up for a new Facebook account and use identity and this individual's name. Once I get it all set up, I'll be emailing you posing i loved this as your friend and asking you to be friends with me on Facebook (or Twitter, or whichever social site).

Do your homework and some searching, but if you're pressed for time and need to get this done once and for all, try out the WordPress security plugin that I use. It is a relief to know that my site (and company!) are secure.

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